Innovation and Technology Management in Tourism & Hospitality 扫二维码继续学习 二维码时效为半小时

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It mainly tells Lili's biography, her experiences in school and some of her achievements, which is our model and worth learning.


Today we spent some time to understand the following:

  • the notion of technology from the perspectives of objects, knowledge, activities, process, and system;
  • the theoretical foundations of technology adoption;
  • the adaptive structuration theory and the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT);
  • the factors influencing technology adoption;
  • the innovation process and different groups of technology adopters;
  • the technology adoption life cycle;
  • possible factors of non-adoption; and
  • Internet applications in the hospitality and tourism industry.

constraints 约束


organizational innovation process组织创新过程

  • 从对象,知识,活动,过程和系统的角度来看技术的概念;
  • 技术采用的理论基础;
  • 适应性结构理论和技术接受与使用统一理论(UTAUT);
  • 影响技术采用的因素;
  • 创新过程和不同类别的技术采用者;
  • 技术采用生命周期;
  • 不采用的可能因素;
  • 酒店和旅游业中的Internet应用。