Innovation and Technology Management in Tourism & Hospitality 扫二维码继续学习 二维码时效为半小时

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This week we spent some time to understand the following:

  • the resource-based view theory and its application to interpret value creation by IT;
  • the different dimensions involved to define IT generated resources;
  • the empirical evidence on how IT can support value creation in tourism and hospitality;
  • the scale of measurement for IT-based value;
  • the methods hotels can use to create value;
  • the approach to evaluating IT-based value creation;
  • the whole process of value creation through IT in a hotel; and
  • the continuous application of IT in the future operation in tourism and hospitality.

The resource based view Theory




  • 基于资源的视图理论及其在IT创造价值中的应用;
  • 定义IT生成的资源涉及的不同维度;
  • 有关IT如何支持旅游业和酒店业价值创造的经验证据;
  • 基于IT的价值的衡量规模;
  • 酒店可以用来创造价值的方法;
  • 评估基于IT的价值创造的方法;
  • 通过酒店中的IT创造价值的整个过程;
  • IT在旅游和酒店业未来运营中的持续应用。