Innovation and Technology Management in Tourism & Hospitality 扫二维码继续学习 二维码时效为半小时

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 Day 7:

  • definition and characteristics of Big Data analytics;
  • how Big Data analytics has influenced the development of travel and tourism;
  • what issues and challenges of Big Data analytics confront the hospitality and tourism industry;
  • the recent development of Big Data analytics;
  • how to  estimate visitor volumes and visitor behavior with Big Data;
  • the ways to apply Big Data analytics capability in the hospitality industry; and
  • how to forecast weekly hotel occupancy with Big Data.

Issues and Challenges of Big Data Analytics

The use of big data also raises big issues with respect to information governance and how we can correctly derive the value of information in tourism

Privacy is a concern in the context of smart tourism especial location-based services while extremely useful for tourists also make consumers vulnerable

In recent years there have been growing criticism and concern about the data-driven approach in terms of some of the
methodological dilemmas and inductive reasoning in the implementation of big data analytics


research direction

1、Using Big Data to predict travel demand

2、Using geospatial data to understand market patterns

3、Using wearable technologies to understand tourism experience

4、Using Web and social media to understand travel market and the tourism products