Innovation and Technology Management in Tourism & Hospitality 扫二维码继续学习 二维码时效为半小时

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The Tourism Sub-Alliance was established in September 2019. It’s an interactive platform for academics and industry professionals in the tourism field to share their latest research, analyze industry trends and build connections in relation to the “Belt and Road” initiative for which tourism is expected to play a significant role.

HTM540x Innovation and Technology Management in Tourism and Hospitality introduces IT applications in the hotel and tourism industry. Students will learn technology components, automation, innovation, and innovative product development in the hospitality and tourism industry. This course will cover the topics of distribution and reservation systems, digital and search advertising, and IT-based innovation in marketing and operation; and will teach the students how to select, implement, and manage information systems in hospitality and tourism. This course will also lead students to explore MIS strategy, innovation, and technology trends in hospitality and tourism.